Serving the world's best

Dining is one of the most important and enjoyable parts of a family’s routine. And in order to make the tastiest and healthiest food, it is important to select the right ingredients that offer original goodness and flavour with every bite.

For 30 years, Diamond has consistently offered the best quality food products. We continue to keep the promise of delivering the true flavour of products by handpicking ingredients from the finest sources across the world.

Serving the world's best

Our Values

Diamond products are sourced, processed and produced on the strong foundation of 3 important values:


Our ingredients are freshly handpicked, caught and sourced from the best parts of the world where they originally belong.


Diamond believes that if it’s not of a good quality, it is not worth serving. Therefore, we ensure that we never compromise our quality for any reason.

For Everyone

Diamond products are in reach of everyone and continue to give the maximum value for money to its consumers.

These values make all the difference in our effort to consistently deliver the best in quality and taste to our consumers.

Our Values

Diamond & Sultan

Diamond was first launched in the UAE in 1986 With a key goal to provide superior quality products at affordable prices, we went from success to success for 30 years and today; proudly offer a range of products including jam, honey, canned seafood, canned vegetables and fruits, mushrooms, olives,  ginger garlic paste and saffron.

The Sultan Brand has been a popular brand within the region for many years in the Cornflakes, Coconut Milk Powder and Tinned Tuna categories.

Along with expanding our product portfolio, we have also stretched our geographical reach from our beginnings in the UAE, to today having a footprint across each of the GCC countries with the exception of KSA

Mr Deepak Nicholas leads the development of the Diamond and Sultan Brands.

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