Retail Solutions

Retail is the third core pillar of the Enhance Group in Oman. Enhance owns and operates the Noor supermarkets with 20+ locations in Muscat.  Noor supermarkets are located in neighbourhood locations providing a full range of fresh, chilled , frozen and ambient products with the focus on quick and easy shopping at competitive prices .

In addition to the Noor supermarkets Enhance operates and manages 45+ Ahlain Forecourt Convenience stores in partnership with Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMCO)  . Enhance has enjoyed great success since 1967 operating Supermarkets and Convenience stores. In 1997 Enhance and BP Oman opened the first Forecourt convenience store and expanded this with OOMCO to be the market leader in Oman.. Within both Noor and Ahlain, Enhance manages these stores almost entirely through Omani Nationals and we are proud of the carer opportunities we have provided and nurtured.

Enhance manages and operates the majority of Ahlain forecourt convenience stores at the omanoil filling stations across the Sultanate of Oman.
Noor is a new and exciting brand of convenience stores created by Enhance.